Despite a mistake by Max Verstappen, Red Bull driver, the Team Principal of the England based squad, Christian Horner remains positive about the outcome of the qualifying after they had to settle for the sixth place on the grid.

A stunning lap by Daniel Ricciardo, fellow Red Bull team mate as the chequered flag fell, was enough to hand him the third place on the grid. The final Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Sunday would see the duo starting out on the Supersoft tyre, instead of the Ultrasoft that others within the top ten would be starting with.

“A great final lap by Daniel to find that half a tenth to move himself ahead of Kimi to get the best seat for tomorrow’s start,”

“It was a shame for Max because he was up on his lap but when he arrived at turn 11 he just lost the front axle and therefore the time that he had found was gone.

“Nonetheless starting third and sixth on the grid here for what’s bound to be an exciting start tomorrow is not a bad place to be.”More

Red Bull Racing boss blasts rivals

Rival teams encouraged the booing of newly crowned drivers’ world champion Sebastian Vettel, according to Christian Horner, the team boss of the Red Bull Racing team.

The four time drivers’ world champion has been heckled for much of the season across various venues and according to the team boss, the rival teams cannot shy away from the blame for instigating the fans to boo him.

The absolute domination of the German as well as his ignorance to follow the orders of the team not to pass team mate Mark Webber during the Malaysian Grand Prix earlier in the year have been cited as reasons that fans were constantly on his back. And Horner stated that it has been difficult for him to handle the jeers. He added that while he has not betrayed, he has felt it and he has never fully understood the jeers.

During the Malaysian Grand Prix, Webber was leading the race after the final round of pit stops and the Red Bull Racing team ordered Vettel to back him up. Instead, the German passed the Australian after a brief tussle with thirteen laps to go. Although he later apologized for the incident, things were never the same and it is believed Webber decided to leave Red Bull on the back of that incident as he felt that the team had not taken adequate action against the world champion.

Speaking at an interview, Horner stated that the perception comes from the fact that he stole a win from Webber and he has been portrayed as the bad guy. The Red Bull Racing team boss also mentioned that it has been convenient for some his rivals, whether it was Fernando Alonso throwing his hat into the crowd when Vettel was speaking just to get a reaction from them.


Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel has opened the doors for former Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen to join him at the team by saying that he would not be bothered with the Finn as his teammate. Sebastian Vettel has encountered several problems with his teammate Mark Webber, who is widely expected to leave the team at the end of the season. There have been several possible rumours about the next teammate for the three-time F1 world Champion. He has said that Raikkonen would be a perfect fit for Red Bull, but he does not care about his teammate because he only wants to win more than anything else.

Vettel disobeyed team orders to overtake Webber at the Malaysian Grand Prix. This has led to a lot of tension between the pair, who have experienced similar incidents in the past. However, it is thought that Wenger has reluctantly stayed at Red Bull knowing that he may not have a better chance of winning races at other teams. He is also coming to the end of his F1 career as well. However, this season is expected to be his final with Red Bull, as he is out of contract at the end of the season. Raikkonen has been doing extremely well with Lotus this season.

“I don’t care who my teammate is. If you want to win, you have to beat everyone. But if Kimi was my teammate: fine! We have no problem with each other and we’re mature enough to deal with it even in a difficult situation. I get along well with him. He’s just very honest. There’s no bullshit with him,” said Vettel. “We trust each other in a duel to not do anything stupid. We’re both open and honest. If we were to crash, we would probably complain about each other,” said Raikkonen.