Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s F1advisor has made a call for the purchase and securement of the supply of a cheap, noisy and simple independent engine for teams.

Calling on the sport, he stated that without that, the future of the team on the grid is never a secure one.

On several occasions, Redbull has called for the introduction of an independent engine to the F1 especially as the team continued in several struggles through 2015 with Renault, its power unit partner. As a result, Redbull, a four-time champion team has threatened to quit.

In a bid see the sport’s engine formula go beyond 2020, F1 chiefs are currently working on a few plans. Key interests being looked at includes an increase in noise for the specification to be used in 2021 as well asa fall in costs.

Marko, in a statement made to the official F1 website maintained that a crucial key to the future of the sports and that of the Redbull racing team rests on the introduction of an independent engine supply.More


Despite a mistake by Max Verstappen, Red Bull driver, the Team Principal of the England based squad, Christian Horner remains positive about the outcome of the qualifying after they had to settle for the sixth place on the grid.

A stunning lap by Daniel Ricciardo, fellow Red Bull team mate as the chequered flag fell, was enough to hand him the third place on the grid. The final Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Sunday would see the duo starting out on the Supersoft tyre, instead of the Ultrasoft that others within the top ten would be starting with.

“A great final lap by Daniel to find that half a tenth to move himself ahead of Kimi to get the best seat for tomorrow’s start,”

“It was a shame for Max because he was up on his lap but when he arrived at turn 11 he just lost the front axle and therefore the time that he had found was gone.

“Nonetheless starting third and sixth on the grid here for what’s bound to be an exciting start tomorrow is not a bad place to be.”More

Red Bull Introduces New Protective Shield For F1 Cars

With F1 participants trying hard to impress their drivers the Red Bull is not to be left behind either.

Hamilton has been reviewing the aero screen feature that has been added to the new race vehicle by Red Bull. It is supposed to enhance protection. Lewis Hamilton, however, would have liked the canopy design to be otherwise.

Fitments are coming forth. Red Bull fitted the screen to Daniel Ricciardo’s vehicle RB12. The fitment happened on Thursday. The trial of the vehicles with the screen will take place when practice begins on Friday for the Russian Grand Prix. Many do feel that the halo designed by Ferrari is not as good as the Red Bull’s screen. Hamilton, however, would have liked the design to be different. He feels that the cockpit needs to have an opening like that of a fighter jet in such case. Of course, Hamilton comes from the stable of Mercedes and hence, his critical review is expected. His feelings are that, the shield is like a riot shield that distorts the overall suave look of the Formula 1 vehicle. From other angles the vehicle has a cool look and the shield made of carbon fiber is definitely impressive. However, looks wise, it is cumbersome and would probably deter a rider’s ability to get out of a crash if it occurs. Fernando would be driving the vehicle and Hamilton was concerned about the convenience that the shield would provide him.More

Reserve Driver Buemi As Red Bull Retainer

Sebastian Buemi has been re signed by the Red Bull for the season of 2015 as a reserve driver. He has been crowned as the Endurance Champion of the World by FIA along with Anthony Davidson who is the ex racer of F1. He is delighted to take on the other season for the racing at Infiniti of the Red Bull.

For him it is more like a family. Considering the team he has a warm relationship with all the team members. He is also looking ahead to perform and develop RB11. He is sure to have an exciting season. In 2008 his first stint was seen as a test driver for Red Bull. From 2009-2011 he was racing with Toro Rosso the sister team. In 2012 he again returned to Red Bull. Christian Horner, the principal of the team Red Bull seemed ecstatic to welcome Buemi once again. His skills are worth valuing and his years experience will prove that he has a lot to offer to the team.More