Reserve Driver Buemi As Red Bull Retainer

Sebastian Buemi has been re signed by the Red Bull for the season of 2015 as a reserve driver. He has been crowned as the Endurance Champion of the World by FIA along with Anthony Davidson who is the ex racer of F1. He is delighted to take on the other season for the racing at Infiniti of the Red Bull.

For him it is more like a family. Considering the team he has a warm relationship with all the team members. He is also looking ahead to perform and develop RB11. He is sure to have an exciting season. In 2008 his first stint was seen as a test driver for Red Bull. From 2009-2011 he was racing with Toro Rosso the sister team. In 2012 he again returned to Red Bull. Christian Horner, the principal of the team Red Bull seemed ecstatic to welcome Buemi once again. His skills are worth valuing and his years experience will prove that he has a lot to offer to the team.More


The current Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel has said that he does not have any pre-contract agreement with Ferrari. There have been intense rumours suggesting that Sebastian Vettel will be joining Ferrari in 2014 after having signed a pre-contract agreement. Of course, there are believed to be certain clauses within the contract that will ensure that the move does not take place in the possibility of situations changing over the course of one year. Ferrari recently announced the deal to extend the contract of the current driver Felipe Massa. The 30-year-old Brazilian is widely expected to leave the team at the end of next season ahead of the anticipated arrival of Sebastian Vettel.

However, after winning the Indian Grand Prix and once again extending his lead in the title race, Sebastian Vettel has said that there is no truth to the rumours that he has a pre-contract agreement with Ferrari. If Vettel does join Ferrari from Red bull, then the Italian team will certainly have the strongest line-up in all of F1 due to the presence of Fernando Alonso. The German has said that he is extremely happy at Red bull and is looking forward to winning the title this season more than anything else.

“Yes, I can deny. I don’t have any agreement or obligation. There’s nothing, nothing to tell you, nothing I’ve signed. Nothing has changed. Nothing to report. As I said, I can’t be happier at the moment, I’m very happy. As I said earlier, you don’t know every single one in the team, and it’s hard to speak to every single one, so if there’s – sorry to say. I’m 100 percent behind them as I feel they’re 100 percent behind me,” said the 25-year-old Sebastian Vettel after the Indian Grand Prix, which he won in a convincing manner.