Redbull Tries Test With Pirelli

For those who have been following the Red Bull racing team would see that their performances have been on the high.

It is a Formula One racing team that is based out of Milton Keynes in England. It is an Austrian team, one of the two teams that are owned by Red Bull, the beverage company. The other team that they own is Scuderia Toro Rosso. The team has won four consecutive titles in the Constructors’ Championship, which were in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. They are the first licensed team from Austria, who has won the title. Sebastian Vettel has been world champion quadruple times based on the company in the same years.

In the current year Pirelli’s testing program is being executed by Red Bull and it would be continuing in 2017. The tyre testing program is on as Sebestian Buemi would be returning to the F1 races. The team is currently managed by Christian Horner. Renault engines have been in use since 2007. The company is now taking up Tag Heuer sponsored Renault engines from this season. They have been working on evaluating wet tyre performance with Ferrari that was being carried out at Fiorano. Buemi is working with Red Bull to help evaluate Pirelli’s work which is being done at Mugello. The driver of Swiss origin helped out in trying out the new tyres and completed about 82 laps in the Italian circuit. He focused on driving over new constructions and compounds. The next test with Pirelli is scheduled with Ferrari and would take place in Barcelona. It would commence in the first week of September. It would certainly make a difference in the performance of the race cars of Red Bull if the new tyre designs hold out in wet track conditions as the next half of the season begins.