Despite a mistake by Max Verstappen, Red Bull driver, the Team Principal of the England based squad, Christian Horner remains positive about the outcome of the qualifying after they had to settle for the sixth place on the grid.

A stunning lap by Daniel Ricciardo, fellow Red Bull team mate as the chequered flag fell, was enough to hand him the third place on the grid. The final Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Sunday would see the duo starting out on the Supersoft tyre, instead of the Ultrasoft that others within the top ten would be starting with.

“A great final lap by Daniel to find that half a tenth to move himself ahead of Kimi to get the best seat for tomorrow’s start,”

“It was a shame for Max because he was up on his lap but when he arrived at turn 11 he just lost the front axle and therefore the time that he had found was gone.

“Nonetheless starting third and sixth on the grid here for what’s bound to be an exciting start tomorrow is not a bad place to be.”

Horner also talked about their choice of tyres for the starting of the race and claims it is a strategy employed to help them in the race as he believes the Supersoft tyre is quite more robust than the Ultrasofttyres.

He also hopes that they can get on with the races, start out well, and remain in good shape with the tyres.

An Austrian Formula One racing team based in Milton Keynes, England, the Red Bull Racing has produced a World Champion driver four times in a row, from 2010 to 2013, in the person of Sebastian Vettel. In the same years, they also won four straight Constructors’ Championship titles.