Red Bull Introduces New Protective Shield For F1 Cars

With F1 participants trying hard to impress their drivers the Red Bull is not to be left behind either.

Hamilton has been reviewing the aero screen feature that has been added to the new race vehicle by Red Bull. It is supposed to enhance protection. Lewis Hamilton, however, would have liked the canopy design to be otherwise.

Fitments are coming forth. Red Bull fitted the screen to Daniel Ricciardo’s vehicle RB12. The fitment happened on Thursday. The trial of the vehicles with the screen will take place when practice begins on Friday for the Russian Grand Prix. Many do feel that the halo designed by Ferrari is not as good as the Red Bull’s screen. Hamilton, however, would have liked the design to be different. He feels that the cockpit needs to have an opening like that of a fighter jet in such case. Of course, Hamilton comes from the stable of Mercedes and hence, his critical review is expected. His feelings are that, the shield is like a riot shield that distorts the overall suave look of the Formula 1 vehicle. From other angles the vehicle has a cool look and the shield made of carbon fiber is definitely impressive. However, looks wise, it is cumbersome and would probably deter a rider’s ability to get out of a crash if it occurs. Fernando would be driving the vehicle and Hamilton was concerned about the convenience that the shield would provide him.More

Red Bull Racing not ready to challenge Mercedes, says Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo has said that his Red Bull Racing team is a long way from challenging Mercedes, at least for the first half of the season with the drivability of the new Renault engine posing a very difficult challenge for the drivers.

The Australian was the only driver who managed to stand up to the duopoly of the two Mercedes cars of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg but he has admitted that those chances are bleak this season. He said that he tries not to have any expectations but the expectations change knowing that the Silver Arrows have two clear seconds on his car.

According to Ricciardo, the team just cannot expect to be on pole or fight for race wins at this time of the season, all things being equal. Speaking before the season opening Australian Grand Prix, the youngster said that considering how things have been for the Red Bull Racing team over the weekend, the qualifying was much better but the team still is a long way away from where they need and aspire to be.More

Massa feels Verstappen Is Making An Early Move In F1

Felipe Massa feels that Max Verstappen’s promotion to Formula 1 is a bit too early and instead he should have been added to the Superlicence regulation which is formulated by the FIA. It would have been a preventive way of rising rapidly in the future.

Yet Verstappen is all set to create history as he is going to make his debut of Australia the following month. He will be the youngest driver of 17 years to start his race.

His experience however, is single race which he took part in was the European Formula 3 Championship. The quick progression is something appalling but what better time than it. Massa is equally surprised with the sudden high level in his career. Until now he has gained everything which he needed but he believes that he should have got driving license at least. What he is concerned about is the accidents and problems in the car which might arise out of nowhere.More