Nick Heidfeld to drive GT-R NISMO

Nick Heidfeld, a former Formula 1 driver, will be manning the Nissan GT-R NISMO in the Nurburgring 24 Hours race of 2014. The track, which is completely different from any modern day track that is used for any Formula 1 race is often used by car makers and producers as a testing ground for their new inventions and cars.

One of the four runners in this process in Nissan who are set to use the track to test their new GT-R NISMO. The car is available with an N-Attack package and managed to complete the lap in a whopping 7:08.679. This is blistering considering the distance a car has to cover in order to complete a lap at Nurburgring. This feat has made the car slower than only the P1 by McLaren and the Spyder by Porsche which are as it is much more powerful than the GT-R NISMO when it comes to ‘hyper cars.’

Nissan is now set to launch the racing version i.e. a tracks only version of the car called the GT-R NISMO GT3. The version is expected to wreak an assault in the Green Hell as it is all set to compete in the Nurnurgring 24 Hours Race of 2014.

There are three teams that will be racing with the GT-R NISMO GT3 this year namely, the RJN, the NISMO and the Schulze Motorsport.

Team RJN have a solid team of drivers from among the drivers and trainers of the Nissan GT Academy and they will be fielding two cars, one of which will be driven by Nick Heidfeld.  Apart from being a former Formula 1 driver, Heidfled is also a judge at the Nissan GT Academy. He will be driving jointly with Florian Strauss, Lucas Ordonez and Alex Buncombe, all of whom are graduates from the GT Academy. Strauss even won the competition at the GT Academy, Germany.