Redbull champion Marc Marquez has shown his adventurous and wild side as he rode his RC213V up a ski slope.

The magnificent machine came fully accessorized with 483 metal spikes on its tires for a better grip enabling the drive train overcome even the most daunting terrains.

Well, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise as awesomeness is exactly what you expect when you combine, the might of MotoGp champion Marquez, the might of redbull, a ski slope and his Honda RC213V.

The resulting feat was a tremendously talented driver cruising his 260 hp beast through the difficult snow and ascending one of the most feared slopes in the world of skiing.

Marquez who had been preparing for the attempt was assisted during his preparation by Franky Zorn, an Austrian ice speedway legend who had fitted the 483 huge spikes to the RC213V’s tires. Marquez seemed to be very enthusiastic for the attempt as he admitted that it was going to be difficult to move up the slope but that was the fun of it!

He said; “It was really difficult to keep the bike under control, but I’m young and its good fun to try some crazy things! We enjoyed it and we could see after a few runs everything that was possible.”

It wasn’t exactly a piece of cake for the 23 year old either as he was seen in the video revving the engine with much dexterity in an attempt to get it up the slope. A few times, the terrain had tried to throw him off balance but the RCV’s spiked tires went a long way to keep him well balanced alongside his spiked boots that helped keep him from falling and slipping.

Marquez has shown a lot of promise in his career, and his recent exploits begs the speculation that he might have ice racing in his future.