Daniel’s Preparations For Australian GP

Red Bull team came under scrutiny when the test runs were held recently in the winter months, many stating that the team and their cars did not seem to have enough steam in them.

However, as Mark Webber commented, that should not indicate the team’s level of preparations for the upcoming season. As he stated as an ex driver of the team, only when the grandstands are full does the team put on their best performance.

With Ricciardo set to play a pivotal role for the team in the upcoming Australian Grand Prix, he has been questioned recently about the techniques he adapts to train himself for the upcoming race. Many are in awe of the well-muscled Daniel Ricciardo and he is known for the four minute long breathe exercises that he does before the start of any race.

He became one of the first drivers at the age of 28 to take part in the high performance program on Red Bull last month. It was a month long training camp that pushes participants to their limits in physical and mental fitness. The camp has definitely affected Daniel’s built appreciably. He has put on about six pounds of muscles and his hips have been realigned. Ricciardo also feels that he has more mental composure due to the breath holding training he has undergone. There are only ten days to go when the new season of F1 begins in 2017 with the Australian Grand Prix. The interviews Daniel gave to the media reveal the kind of intense training; he has gone through in the pre season camp. The camp helps to train water and winter athletes who compete in extreme conditions. He states that some of the training techniques like the breath holding training in the face of pressure or fear have been eye opening for him. Fans definitely hope to see the effects of the pre season training result in superior performance from Daniel on the racing tracks.